Profitable Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers in Montérégie!

What do you know about urban sprawl? This trend is creating very positive effects in Montérégie’s Granby and Saint-Hyacinthe region. The Christian Lalumière Team has turned this phenomenon into a profitable opportunity for those looking to buy or sell property in this area’s real estate market!

Christian Lalumière has worked in Granby for more than 17 years, developing in-depth knowledge of this market. More importantly, he listens to his clients and keeps track of all Montérégie’s economic activities. This is how he noticed that new job creation, along with continually increasing commercial and industrial opportunities, has positively affected the real estate market in a surprising way by broadening its reach throughout the territory. He saw this as an opportunity to better serve his loyal clients and didn't waste any time in implementing a strategy to strengthen his market’s potential. By joining RE/MAX Impact in Saint-Hyacinthe, Christian will be able to increase the transaction opportunities for his Granby clients.

Of course, this larger territory and the desire to maintain the performance that has earned his good reputation requires the Team to effectively use all the latest essential technology tools available, such as electronic signatures, social media, digital visit reports and more. Taking advantage of this technology will help the team more quickly complete the projects you have entrusted to us.

Christian is extremely grateful and dedicated to his Granby clients who have trusted him for many years. He will maintain his commitment to excellent service, which has become his trademark. So, whether you are a buyer or seller in Granby or Saint-Hyacinthe, you can count on the Christian Lalumière Team to make your project a RE/ality!


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